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About us

Legal Wires is an Online Electronic Media Portal, dedicated to Public Education and Critical Legal Analysis of the trending discourses of National and International importance.

The Portal is run by a team of independent academicians from diverse socio-legal disciplines, providing an expert critical outtake on issues of public importance.

Legal Wires is a way to connect with people through Legal Perspective and try to rationalise the reaction based on the constitutions around the world. Our entire focus is dedicated to provide our readers and experts the latest developments, analysis and information related to the legal world and do not intend to provide any particular viewpoint of any side rather indulge in breakdown of subject through legal knowledge of the experienced authors or academia.

Our Objective

Since its inception Legal Wires aims to provide the most recent legal overhauls. A critical component that differentiates Legal Wires from other legal websites is its dynamic introduction to the legal world through “BUZZ” category. It has developed a wise, devoted and socially cognizant readership.

Our Vision

We at Legal Wires visualize to protect readers from marketing adversaries. We also intend to cultivate the calling of crypto, and to give authority in the field of Legal data.

Our Mission

As an online news, analysis and education platform Legal Wires is firmly committed to the readers interest. Apart from providing authoritative analysis, the aim is to build ourselves as a platform driven by bonafide reporting on Legal and Constitutional issues.