NEWS: NSO says Pegasus helps millions to sleep well at night and walk safely on streets

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Amidst raging controversy over the surveillance software Pegasus, the Israeli cybersecurity company NSO group has defended itself saying that millions of people around the world sleep well at night and walk in the street safely due to such technologies available with intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

The alleged use of the Pegasus software to spy on journalists, human rights defenders, politicians, and others in a number of countries, including India, has triggered concerns over issues relating to privacy.

Politicians, rights activists, and journalists were among those targeted with phone spyware sold to various governments by the Israeli firm, according to an international media consortium.

NSO, together with many of the other cyber intelligence companies in the world, provides cyber intelligence tools for governments because law enforcement agencies around the world are in the dark and there’s no regulatory solution that allows them to monitor malicious acts on instant messaging and social media“, the company said.

The company also stated “NSO does not operate the technology, nor do we have visibility to the data collected

We are doing our best to help creating a safer world.” it said.

In its defense on the question of misuse of the software it said: “We take action if we detect any misuse. This technology is rooted in the protection of human rights – including the right to life, security and bodily integrity – and that’s why we have sought alignment with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, to make sure our products are respecting all fundamental human rights.”

Without confirming, or denying, if the software was sold to India, The Company said: “To protect the ongoing public safety missions of its agency customers and given significant legal and contractual constraints, NSO Group is not able to disclose who is or is not a client or discuss specific uses of its technology.”

Due to the ongoing controversy, Israel has established a committee to review the allegations of misuse of the NSO’s surveillance software and review the whole matter of giving licenses.

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