Delhi HC dismissed plea filed by Google on leak of confidential information against CCI

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The Delhi High Court dismissed a petition filed by Google LLC against the Competition Commission of India (CCI) after the CCI concluded that no confidential information was leaked and recommended the establishment of a committee to examine how such information came to be reported widely by news outlets.

It was alleged by Google that CCI had leaked a report containing highly sensitive business information about Google. Director-General had prepared a report after 2 years of investigation.

The CCI on its investigation found Google guilty of stifling competition in mobile operating systems. It was suggested that Google has been imposing and forcing one-sided contracts on Android devices as well as app makers to ensure that its own products and apps maintain primacy in consumer usage.

The court dismissed the petition on the ground that Google failed to furnish the Director-General’s report before the court. Therefore the court was unable to reach any conclusion regarding the breach of confidential information.

The court ordered the committee constituted by CCI to conduct its fact-finding inquiry at the earliest. Also that Google can approach the court at a later point of time, should there be a breach of any statement made by CCI. Additionally, if Google still has any grievance about any confidential information being leaked, the court stated that it will be open for it to seek legal recourse as permissible under the law.

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